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Support Workers?

We understand the challenges that are involved with finding the right candidate that is reliable, flexible, has problem solving skills and plain old common sense that can support your clients in their day to day life let alone adding the time that this takes onto your already busy workload. That's why at LiNK Recruiting, we form a relationship with our recruitment partners so that you simply send us your wishlist and we make it all happen for you.

Fill your position vacancy in five simple steps.

Service Level Agreement

Complete and submit our Service Level Agreement


Send us your wishlist of your ideal recruit so we can get a better understanding of the kind of people you're looking for

Candidate Review

LiNK will source candidates that fit your wish list and do the interviews & reference checks to save you time.

Conduct Interviews

LiNK will forward you only the very best from the interviews that we conduct on your behalf and you can then decide which job seekers you would like to offer an interview to and LiNK will set up your schedule for you

Onboard Employee

LiNK will can assist all your onboarding of the new recruits including Police Check, Blue & Yellow cards etc

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