Help your job seeker land their dream career

Here at LiNK Services Group we work with multiple organisations across the Mental Health and Disability sector. We recruit by pre-screening referrals and assist in obtaining placements in long term suitable employment with our many employers.

We also assist with training, upskilling and preparing candidates to help build their skill sets and move them into suitable employment.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any suitable candidates and how we can work with you to achieve Employment, Education, Bonus outcomes and most importantly sustainable employment for your job seekers…


Industry Training

We offer training and upskilling through a range of courses, all tailored to the sector

Pre-Employment Checks

The following checks & clearances are a mandatory requirement of NDIS and we can assist with helping job seekers obtain them

Blue Card

Yellow Card

Police Check

NDIS Worker Orientation Module

Sustainable Employment

We offer sustainable employment across our multiple employers within the Disability and Mental Health Sector. 

Assistance Achieving Outcomes

LiNK will assist by providing detailed confirmation of employment along with written evidence required to track and achieve employment & education outcomes.

Post Placement Support

We understand that securing the job is just the first step and until your job seeker is settled into their new role, they are going to need post-placement support. LiNK will assist with it's PPS for the first 26 weeks and provide updates as required.